Welcome to Finding Hope

Finding Hope IconFinding Hope is an advocacy group dedicated to helping college students Get Help when they are struggling with mental illness. We also work to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and work with the government to increase funding for mental health care.

Visit the Get Help page to browse for mental health care providers on and around campus. There are many people who want to help you find hope. You just need to seek them out. We can help.

Visit the Mental Illness page to learn more about mental illness. This includes an aid to help you know what is myth and what is fact.

Visit the Coping page to learn some small things you can do to feel better. While we highly recommend seeking professional help if you need it, these tips can help you when you are feeling down.

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Education Summit 2017

Mental Health Terms on Chalkboard


Blog posts will be about recent developments and legislative action in the mental health field. They can also inform readers of awareness and education events or maybe spotlight some forms of treatment.

Photo by amenclinicsphotos ac – Creative Commons/Flickr

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Fighting Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

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Image by Kelvyn Skee – Creative Commons/Flickr

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